New England Climate Dispatch

As politicians in New England and in Washington continue to appease the fossil fuel industry, runaway greenhouse gas emissions are already impacting our daily lives, often in unforeseen and deeply unequal ways. Despite the reputation of New England as a progressive stronghold, climate policy still lags behind the urgency and scale of the climate crisis.

This newsletter details the struggle for and against the transition to a fossil-free economy in the New England region, and the impacts that this has on all of us. Each week I’ll provide a mix of original reporting and climate news aggregation from across the region.

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I’m a recent college grad and freelance environmental reporter. I’ve been covering environmental justice and climate policy for the past three years — I focus on stories about the malfeasance of the few, and the corresponding community responses. NECD is the only news publication focused specifically on climate journalism across the entire New England region.

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